Waterproof bag for Alegría Industries

The perfect bag for sailors and water sports lovers.


Our waterproof Bag is a waterproof case of 4 liter capacity in which you can store all your personal belongings when you are in water. Mobile, wallet, keys and others valuables will be perfectly safe thanks to its roll closure and seams sealed. He also wears a leash so he can transport it once closed.

Dimensions: Height: 32cm. Length: 20cm. Width:7cm.

Capacity: 4 litres. Strap length: 15cm.

Materials: 520g durable PVC. nylon straps. grossgrain tape. plastic buckles.

Characteristics: Waterproof with all seams taped. Electronically welded seams. Easy to clean and store. It floats safely if dropped in water. With strap to carry easily.

Production: Designed by us and produced in Galicia.