Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Pablo Baqué & Deira Reina, Walk with me is a design studio specialised in designing tailored and unique maps and guides and create hand made accesories and bags. We have collaborated with over 20 international illustrators to create our map collections in London, Barcelona and Madrid, and some of our current design partnerships include Heineken, Cannes Lions and Barcelona Council.

Walk with me Studio

Walk With Me brand

Walk with me is also lifestyle and travel brand. With stockists in Spain and the UK, Walk with me produces and distributes: maps, accessories, bags, stationery, frames… everything under the same idea: Discover and live in cities with a unique perspective. To find out more about our brand or purchase our products click here.

Workshops and Talks

We have participated in a number of workshops and talks at the following Universities and creative events:

Workshop at the University of Hertfordshire, England – 2017

Workshop at 180 Creative Camp, Portugal – 2015

Workshop at the Universidad Europea, Madrid – 2015

Worskhop at IED Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid – 2014


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